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Transforming the global pharma supply chain

We are on a mission to substantially reduce waste and deliver value to stakeholders throughout the value chain.

The global supply chain market

The pharmaceutical supply chain has been plagued with silos and inefficiencies, jeopardising product quality and leading to billions of dollars' worth of waste annually. Recent fracturing and disruption during COVID-19 exposed longstanding vulnerabilities and the need for supply chains to achieve greater agility and resilience, while simultaneously managing costs. The $300 billion temperature-controlled supply chain is due for change. 

Challenges with existing solutions

While passive technologies that help monitor the temperature and quality of goods traveling throughout the global supply chain have existed for years, they have not adequately empowered stakeholders with real-time visibility and mission-critical insights. 

Fragmented technologies and information silos cost the pharmaceutical industry time and resources. Traditionally, supply chain product monitoring technology has been limited to providing post-shipment data after product integrity has already been compromised. Manual data upload and assembly has limited companies to proactively respond to issues, waste reduction, and strategic decision-making.  

Waste and environmental impact 

The cost of an excursion is not limited to product waste. Enterprises spend tremendous resources conducting post-shipment root cause analyses and manufacturing safety stock due to breakdowns in the temperature-controlled supply chain. These costs add up to tens of millions of dollars annually for a single enterprise.  

The environmental impact of global supply chain waste is substantial. In addition to replacement products shipping through supply chains, enterprises can purchase—and dispose—more than 100,000 single or limited-use data loggers every year. 

Siloed communication flows 

Multiple-sourced data leaves room for error. A lack of real-time integration among various data sources, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), quality management solutions, and track-and trace systems leads to delayed decision-making. While organizations are continuously investing efforts into synchronizing their internal systems, this process often breaks down across supply chains where numerous enterprises are involved.  

The new face of digital supply chain technology 

As the cold chain industry attempts to streamline supply chains in the midst of new and ever-changing market environments, technology and services will play an increasingly important role in fixing the fragmented system. Real-time technology connects value chain activities, automating workflows, and delivering mission-critical data to stakeholders when it is needed, while reducing waste and ensuring product safety and security. We can now answer, ‘What is happening right now?’ so parties can act on critical information quickly. Moving forward, supply chain stakeholders can leverage gathered business intelligence and data to predictively answer, ‘What will happen?’ Through data and workflow automation businesses can execute planning in an entirely new way. 

Our approach to visibility

Controlant’s mission is to deliver value across the pharma supply chain by dramatically increasing the visibility of product quality conditions and location, while minimizing waste through a completely new category of automated Cold Chain as a Service® solutions. With roots in monitoring vaccines during the H1N1 pandemic, and now powering COVID-19 vaccine control towers, Controlant works at scale with some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and has amassed extensive expertise in E2E pharma supply chain logistics.

Controlant provides pharmaceutical companies with real-time visibility and valuable insights that make their supply chains more agile and resilient from end to end. With our IoT device-enabled platform, customers are achieving an annualized ROI and millions in savings, reducing material losses, enhancing the reliability and sustainability of their operations, and gaining peace of mind.

Stakeholders can act on information in real time to ensure quality, mitigate any negative impact, and prevent waste. Available services include 24/7 monitoring and response, and IoT device management, including reverse logistics.

Controlant is empowering Fortune 500s, global enterprises, and their supply chain logistics stakeholders to achieve greater efficiency by automating business processes and optimizing communication and collaboration through technology. 






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Gisli Herjolfsson

Co-Founder, CEO

Mr. Herjolfsson co-founded Controlant and has driven the company's strategy and growth of the company for the last 12 years. He has a Master's in Electrical Engineering from the University of Iceland.

Erlingur Brynjulfsson

Co-Founder, CTO

Mr. Brynjulfsson co-founded Controlant and has served as its Chief Technology Officer since 2007, leading all product R&D, design, and development. Mr. Brynjulfsson holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Iceland.

Gudmundur Arnason


Mr. Arnason has served as Controlant’s CFO since 2015. He holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Reykjavik University.

Anna Karlsdottir


Ms. Karlsdottir has served as Controlant's Quality Officer since 2015. She holds an M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Iceland.

Vally Helgadottir


Ms. Helgadottir serves as Controlant's Chief Operating Officer. She holds a Master of Project Management (MPM) from Reykjavik University and has 20 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ella Bjornsdottir


Ms. Bjornsdottir has been with Controlant since December 2020, focusing on recruitment and retaining world-class talent. She holds a B.Edu from the University of Iceland and has more than 20 years of executive development.

Martin Thaysen


Mr. Thaysen has been with Controlant as Chief Commercial Officer since 2022, focusing on driving growth and digital transformation of the supply chain. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IMD Business School in Switzerland.

Sales and business development

Adalheidur Palmadottir

VP of Business Development — Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Ranald Haig

VP of Sales — Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Astvaldur Johannsson

Business Development, AMEA — Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Brett Finkelstein

VP Sales, Americas — Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Board of directors

Ásthildur Otharsdóttir

Chairman of the board

Frosti Ólafsson

Board member

Kristín Friðgeirsdóttir

Board member

Trausti Þórmundsson

Board member

Jørgen Rugholm

Board member

In loving memory of Stefán "Stebbi" Karlsson

The kindness, generosity, and humility of our dear friend, co-founder, and colleague will always remain a cornerstone of our company and culture.



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Controlant’s vision is to unleash the power of people and technology to deliver zero-waste supply chains for our partners and the planet. To realize our vision and create long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders, we need diverse and engaged team that upholds and honors respect, diversity, equality, and inclusion. The best way to ensure this is to build up and maintain a diverse and inclusive culture, where all people feel valued and are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness.

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