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Within 12 months, one global pharma enterprise achieved


in operational cost savings




fewer hours investigating shipments


product release

A fully validated solution for all lanes—air, road, rail, and sea

Problems we're solving

Real-time visibility

Continuous transparency, traceability, and insights for the entire supply chain, from your desktop or mobile.


A simple, efficient source of supply chain truth. No gateways or manual USB upload is needed. You own your data.

Quality and safety compliance

View and report on chain of custody for audits and regulatory compliance. Ensure your products maintain their integrity through the last mile.

Cost reduction

Reduce product and operational waste by streamlining processes. Leverage smart analytics to achieve measurable ROI.

Risk mitigation

Leverage data analytics to identify and mitigate risk through process improvements.


Identify and implement initiatives to reduce waste and your carbon footprint.

Cold Chain as a Service® is threefold

Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) data loggers capture time, temperature, and location data in real-time.

An intelligent cloud software platform delivers mission-critical supply chain insights and predictive analytics on-demand.

Cost-reducing operational services include 24/7 shipment monitoring and response and IoT management.

Why Controlant is better

Controlant provides automated, pay-as-you-go visibility with real-time tracking, mission-critical analytics, and cost-reducing services for quality, compliance, and tangible ROI.

Temperature loggers

Passive temperature loggers are a low-cost option for meeting regulatory requirements, but they lack real-time connectivity, don't track location, and don't deliver ROI. Controlant does.

GPS trackers

GPS trackers are used for one-off high-value shipments, but their low battery life and high price tag limit their scalability for broad supply chain applications. Controlant is flexible, cost-effective, and scalable.

Hub/gateway sensors

Sensors that rely on a local hub or gateway require the installation of a hub/gateway device on the vehicle, which is not an option for most shippers. Controlant is automated.

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Allergan, Pfizer, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Kuehne Nagel, P&G, World Curier

"Controlant does what it says; it has already saved our launch shipment worth $15 million." —Associate Director, Global Pharma Logistics

"If you're already running a data logger-type program, you're going to see a difference. If you haven't run a real-time program before, it's going to be completely eye-opening.” —Food Quality Assurance, Global Food Brand

"Controlant is better designed, more robust, advanced, and intuitive. The level of service exceeds any other." —AMEA Freight Lead

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