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Transform your cold chain, with Controlant

Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility, enhanced efficiency, and ROI with cold chain monitoring solutions, delivered as a subscription service (CHaaS).

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Billions of dollars worth of perishable products are wasted every year. Is your business ready for the future?

Supply chain complexity makes product entry and waste prevention an immediate, global challenge.

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Product integrity

Shipments requiring temperature control are spoiled or lose freshness if they lose temperature, and cannot safely be used or consumed.

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A lack of on demand visibility prevents businesses from taking action to reduce product loss and notify customers of damage or delay.

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Siloed tools and processes inhibit collaboration among stakeholders and across networks, impeding growth in global markets.

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Quality and compliance

Global supply chain regulations are rapidly evolving, placing increasing burdens on manufacturers and distributors.

Your trusted logistics partner

CHaaS is a powerful trifecta: an innovative combination of an intelligent cloud platform with prescriptive analytics, wireless IoT sensors, and automated services, driving growth and profitability for business.

Controlant solution

Simple, secure cold chain monitoring in the cloud

24/7 Visibility and control

Gain secure, on demand access to shipment and excursion data, trends, and statistics. Monitor your cold chain remotely from your desktop or mobile.

Preventive action

Real-time, prescriptive notifications empower you to take immediate action before product damage or waste occurs.

Transparency and collaboration

Share product information with your supply chain partners, customers and insurance providers.


Ensure auditable event logs in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11 and good distribution practices (GDP).

Enhance efficiency

Leverage intelligent cloud analytics to minimize risk, especially where high-value assets are deployed.

Immediate ROI

Drive down costs and facilitate an easily scalable solution with less operational overhead.

Powering efficient businesses in more than 100 countries worldwide

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Cold chain management

Ensure the quality and safety of temperature-sensitive assets during shipment.

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Facility monitoring

Monitor your climate-controlled storage facilities.

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Vehicle and route monitoring

Monitor the shipment routes and vehicle conditions for your perishable assets.

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