Controlant’s specialized services

Our industry-leading Cold Chain as a Service® solution has made Controlant a recognized name in supply chain logistics.

Our services are tailored to fit your processes and business needs. 

Our included services

The following services are included in our partnership

Global support

Our support team is available around the clock to respond to your questions and ensure your successful utilization of our solution.

Customer success

We offer onboarding and training assistance for your internal stakeholders and logistics providers so you can get started and scale our real-time solution quickly.

Optional services

The following services are optional and can be included in our partnership.

24/7 monitoring and response

Our monitoring and response team manages your supply chain alerts and escalations and facilitates corrective response with your freight forwarders, 3PLs/4PLs, and sites to actively prevent product waste. This provides an automated layer of protection to your supply chain while reducing operational costs.

IoT management

We manage your custom branded, reusable IoT data loggers, automatically collecting them from your receiving sites and replenishing them at your designated shipping sites. Our services include sanitation, calibration, and repair. This reduces the hassle of managing your logger pool while reducing waste.

Packaging and lane validation

We work with your supply chain logistics and quality teams to conduct testing lane and packaging studies, reducing the time needed to collect temperature, quality, and stability data and validate your cold chain processes.

Facility mapping

Our technical experts provide mapping and installation support for your conditioned GMP spaces, including warehouses, distribution centers, large commercial refrigerators, and walk-in cold rooms, so you can meet your compliance obligations cost-effectively.

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Technical consultation

We understand the needs of the largest enterprises to collect, connect, and streamline their supply chain data. Leverage our REST APIs to integrate your data streams and create a single source of truth for your supply chain.

Customized services

We offer a variety of bespoke services that are tailored to suit your organization’s business needs. Contact us to learn how we can support your operational needs.

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