What the food supply chain can learn from the pharmaceutical industry

Watch our on demand webinar with Jeremy Schneider, Quality Assurance and Food Safety Expert, Gisli Herjolfsson, Controlant Co-founder and CEO, and Barbara Van Renterghem, Editorial Director, Food Safety Magazine. 

Duration is 60 minutes.


With the increase and complexity of the global supply chain, both the pharmaceutical cold chain and temperature-controlled shipping for the food and beverage industry have seen substantial growth over the last few years. It is no coincidence that the food industry is now beginning to look to the pharmaceutical supply chain for guidance on best practices, as the need for stricter standardization and controls has emerged. The Guidelines on Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) of Medicinal Products and FDA requirements addressing the pharmaceutical cold chain contain many similarities with the Food safety Modernization Act’s more recent Food Safety Transport rule.

The pharmaceutical industry has nearly 30 years of experience in managing complex quality and control processes, and leveraging supply chain technology of the kind needed in the food sector, including strict temperature management and location traceability of products, so it provides a valuable reference point.

During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • How regulatory and business trends within the food sector are mirroring those that have driven quality and control standards within the pharmaceutical supply chain
  • The best practices and key takeaways from pharma logistics that can benefit the food value chain
  • How technology is increasing transparency, accountability, and food quality and safety, and can help standardize industry best practices
  • What the future food supply chain will look like with the increasing availability of smarter data

About the presenters

Jeremy Schneider, Quality Assurance and Food Safety Expert, Controlant, has more than 15 years of experience in the food quality, safety, and regulatory sectors. He has addressed some of the most challenging  and critical risks faced today by major consumer  food brands. He previously  served as quality assurance manager for Chipotle Mexican Grill, where he led  the rollout of a new food safety and quality program for its nearly 2,400 North American restaurants, suppliers, and logistics partners after the food chain experienced a series of food safety-related incidents in 2015 and currently advises on food quality and safety.

Gisli Herjolfsson, co-founder and CEO, Controlant, leads the company’s efforts in pioneering end-to-end cold chain visibility solutions and services for a globally connected food supply chain.The company’s automated solutions deliver real-time temperature monitoring and product location traceability; its services also facilitate proactive risk mitigation and drive continuous supply chain improvement while ensuring farm-to-fork food quality and safety. With roots in the pharmaceutical supply chain, Controlant currently works with food enterprises worldwide.

Moderated by: Barbara Van Renterghem, Editorial Director, Food Safety Magazine

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