Leveraging the Supply Chain Control Tower for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Gisli Herjolfsson, Co-Founder and CEO at Controlant, and Tomas Fant, Senior Manager at Pfizer, share their experiences of managing a successful COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Duration is 30 minutes, including Q&A.

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The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on supply chain vulnerabilities, but it also has led to opportunities to improve processes and accelerated technology adoption. Thankfully, over the last several years, the pharmaceutical supply chain has increased its use of real-time technology and cloud-enabled analytics. Resilient pharma companies are using tools that provide the historical, live, and predictive analytics capabilities that allow them to quickly adjust course when needed. The future supply chain will have resilience woven throughout each link. It will be based on visibility, collaboration, and automation.

Viewers of this session will learn: 

  • About some of the lessons learned so far from the COVID-19 vaccine distribution 
  • How the cold chain control tower has helped ensure a 99.99% successful delivery rate  
  • About the future role of the cold chain control tower post-pandemic 

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