Future Perspectives: COVID-19 and the Food Supply Chain

This is the first installment in a multi-part webinar series addressing the changes happening in the food supply chain from a variety of perspectives, and how technology can help stakeholders adapt and succeed.

Duration is 60 minutes, including Q&A.

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From food production facility shutdowns to restaurant closures and retail outages, the food supply chain has been pressure-tested unlike ever before during COVID-19. Organizations were required to implement and continuously revise contingency plans because of changing recommendations and regulations by states and the CDC. Now they are exploring new and innovative ways to solve these challenges before entering a second wave of the pandemic. During this webinar, Dr. David Acheson and Jeremy Schneider thoroughly review the last several months of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the food supply chain and look to the future for best practices moving forward.   

Attendees will gain practical insights on how to:

  • Build supply chain resiliency and manage risk during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis
  • Use real-time technology to quickly identify and respond to challenges in the current supply chain situation
  • Prepare for the future by implementing supply chain best practices for future success during the pandemic or other crises 

About the presenters

Dr. David Acheson

Dr. David Acheson is the Founder and CEO of The Acheson Group (TAG) with more than 30 years of medical and food safety experience. He has served as Chief Medical Officer for USDA FSIS and FDA CFSAN; Director of CFSAN’s Office of Food Defense, Communication and Emergency Response; and FDA Assistant then Associate Commissioner for Foods, where he developed the 2007 Food Protection Plan, which was the basis for many authorities of FSMA. Dr. Acheson has published extensively; is internationally recognized as a sought-after speaker and regular guest on national news programs; serves on boards and advisory groups of major food manufacturers; and is a fellow of both the Royal College of Physicians (London) and the Infectious Disease Society of America. Dr. Acheson is a graduate of the University of London Medical School.

Jeremy Schneider

Jeremy is a Business Development Director, Food Safety and Quality Assurance at Controlant. He has more than 15 years of experience in the food quality, safety, and regulatory sectors, having worked with several fast-casual restaurant chains as well as food manufacturing. Jeremy has addressed some of the most challenging and critical risks faced today by major consumer food brands. He previously served as quality assurance manager for Chipotle Mexican Grill, where he led the rollout of a real-time temperature monitoring program for the company’s supply chain, reaching 2,400 North American restaurants. Email: jeremy@controlant.com.

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