Building Supply Chain Resilience During COVID-19 with Real-Time Visibility Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed the global pharmaceutical supply chain in unimaginable ways. As the industry has been left scrambling to ensure continuity and minimize disruptions, a greater focus on visibility, transparency, and agility is becoming the new normal.

Drawing from an actual example demonstrating how real-time monitoring has helped Ipsos MORI, a global market research firm, track location and quality conditions of tens of thousands COVID-19 test kits throughout the UK, attendees will take away a better understanding of and actionable insights into:

  • How real-time visibility has helped mitigate supply chain risk during the pandemic
  • How stakeholder collaboration and data sharing is key to achieving supply chain resilience
  • How monitoring technology will help to further automate logistics processes 
  • What the post-pandemic supply chain will look like

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The presenters

Kelly Beaver, Managing Director, Ipsos MORI

Ada Palmadottir, MPharm, MBA, Director of Pharmaceutical Validation and Compliance, Controlant 

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