Controlant’s Cold Chain as a Service® digital visibility platform

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Controlant’s platform delivers actionable insights into your supply chain performance and automates your workflows and processes.

Platform and applications

Controlant’s Cold Chain as a Service® solution is a powerful combination of IoT, advanced visibility, and cost-reducing operational services that increase workflow efficiency and responsiveness while supporting quality and compliance efforts.

Supply chain visibility

Multi-dimensional monitoring lets you always know your product condition and location. Advanced analytics provide insights into your supply chain logistics, helping you improve your efficiency and responsiveness.

Workflow and process optimization

Controlant automates your supply chain processes, reducing the resources needed to support your operations. Notifications and alerts based on your custom business rules, like light events, delayed or split shipments, or unusual dwell times, keep you apprised of issues that can impact your product.

Quality and compliance

Our system is fully validated and compliant for pharmaceutical use cases (21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11, GxP) and provides automatic reporting for audits and compliance purposes. Track-and-trace data facilitates faster shipment review, root cause analyses, and product releases.

Controlant’s control tower approach

Real-time data

Get real-time information on your supply chain, suppliers and logistics partners, and external points of interest.

Build resilience

Supply chain performance data helps you identify risk and opportunities to strengthen your operations.


Connect in the cloud

Remove information silos, reduce infrastructure costs, and deliver improved customer satisfaction.

Benchmark your supply chain

Compare your supply chain metrics with broader industry data to identify trends and areas for improvement..

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Harmonize your data streams

Leverage our Rest API’s to integrate systems and build a single source of truth for your supply chain data.

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