COVID-19 updates

Controlant is here to support your supply chain logistics during this difficult time and prepare you for the future. Our real-time solution and custom analytics provide unprecedented visibility into your supply chain, your partners, and points of interest.

We provide in-depth data analysis, real-time dashboards, market commentary, helpful tips, and customer stories to help you navigate this uncharted territory.


Cost and waste reduction

Use real-time data for immediate return on investment


Risk mitigation

Minimize the impact of delays and uncertainty



Gain complete supply chain protection and control



Leverage data to identify and respond to challenges

Emerge better prepared for the future

“Companies that invested in mapping their supply chain networks before the pandemic emerged better prepared. They have better visibility into the structure of their supply chains. Instead of scrambling at the last minute, they have a lot of information at their fingertips within minutes of a potential disruption.”

— Thomas Y. Choi, Dale Rogers, and Bindiya Vakil, Harvard Business Review

Covid-19 data
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Covid-19 action planning

Controlant is here to help you during this challenging time

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