Controlant lays the foundation for Icelandic innovation


Controlant has become a sponsor for Gulleggið, Iceland’s leading start-up competition, in recognition of the importance of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.  In 2009, Controlant’s founders won the competition and benefited greatly from the encouragement and practical assistance when developing the company. 

Safe delivery of medicines and vaccines

Controlant celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and the company has grown exponentially since it won the Gulleggið, with 420 employees across five countries, developing, manufacturing, and servicing monitoring solutions used by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Controlant’s solutions ensure medicines and vaccines are delivered safely and smoothly to the people who need them.

International recognition for Controlant

The company has earned international recognition and won numerous awards including the 2022 GLOMO Award for Best Innovation for COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Recovery, The Growth Sprout 2022, the President of Iceland’s Export Award 2021, the 2020 SDCE Green Supply Chain Award, and the Icelandic Innovation Prize 2020.

Growing need for efficient, traceable, and sustainable transportation of sensitive medicines

Continued growth is expected as the need for safe, efficient, traceable, and sustainable transportation of sensitive medicines will only grow in the coming years. 
Controlant is proud to continue laying the foundation for innovation by supporting entrepreneurs who are now at the start of their own journeys, striving to put their ideas into practice.

Gisli Herjolfsson, CEO and one of the founders of Controlant:

“It was a tremendous encouragement for us to win Gulleggið. We were then a traditional company with very few employees, and insignificant income, but we had big aspirations. Following the recognition and support from Rannís, the ball started to roll since we could recruit great people and investors to pursue big ideas. We are delighted to now be able to give back and support the innovation community in Iceland. After all, it is the foundation for future entrepreneurs.”

Kristin Soffia Jonsdottir, Managing Director of KLAK – Icelandic Startups:

“Let’s not forget, Controlant is the first recipient of Gulleggið to become a sponsor of the entrepreneurial competition. It is the company we refer to when we talk about the success of the Gulleggið, and their sponsorship is very important to us. Not only do they give the competition financial strength, but they bring in experience and knowledge that will definitely give us more powerful Gulleggið successes in the future.”