COVID-19 action plan: Improving cross-functional communication

COVID-19, Cold chain management

As COVID-19 continues to strain global supply chains and uncertainty lingers, real-time product visibility, data sharing, and cross-functional communication are even more critical. Businesses need to anticipate changes and quickly respond to delays and disruptions. 

An equally important piece is collaboration among stakeholders, including those within the supply chain such as suppliers, logistics providers, and internal teams. With products and ingredients being sourced and shipped globally, it is imperative that you understand your supply chain and COVID-19’s lingering impact. This will be necessary to help future-proof your business. 

Shippers may have their own temperature tracking and shipment monitoring systems, but these tools may not provide the end-to-end transparency and traceability needed for collaboration. Moreover, you may not have the insights required to identify risks and trends quickly, mitigate risk, and drive continuous improvements to ensure business continuity and prevent stock shortages or outages in your supply chain. 

With a real-time visibility solution, you can achieve full transparency into your supply chain, including the many risk points as products change hands. You own your data and can share what you wish with stakeholders—your internal quality, supply chain, business teams, suppliers, logistics partners, and even insurance providers. Through data sharing, your teams can improve their operations to better support your business needs. 

Controlant collects shipment data, including time, temperature, humidity, and location data centrally in one dashboard view. User-permissioned access can be granted to stakeholders to ensure up-to-date information is available regarding shipment statuses—all from a single software dashboard view, accessible from your desktop or mobile device.   

As we move to the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration and data sharing will be key to strengthen the supply chain and avoid critical disruptions to the flow of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and food products. 

Leverage Controlant’s dashboard reports and industry benchmarking data and gain information regarding your supply chain, your partners, and external points of interest; plus you can compare your data with broader industry trends. This enables improvements within your supply chain and protects the end consumer by ensuring product quality and safety, from the first mile to last.  

Next steps: 

  • Explore technology and services that provide full visibility across your supply chain. Not all solutions are the same. Real-time technology can provide insights into the location and quality conditions of your shipments at all times as goods are in transit and at rest, as well as during critical handoff points, identify and respond to issues as they arise, and reduce waste and costs. 
  • Proactively monitor shipments centrally from a single software platform and share user-permissioned data with your quality, logistics, and business teams, as well as with your suppliers and partners. Data helps everyone improve. 
  • Leverage and share data to ensure compliance among your supply chain stakeholders, avoid stock shortages, and ensure shipment quality, safety, and security.  
  • Measure the business benefits and cost savings that are achieved through better visibility into your supply chain.  

Controlant is dedicated to lessening supply chain disruptions while providing visibility during this unprecedented time. Contact us to learn more.