Controlant Recognized in Forrester Report – IoT Solutions Transform the Cold Chain – as a Company Providing Dynamic Cold Chain Management Solutions


Industries requiring temperature control and quality protection rely on real-time end-to-end cold-chain visibility and monitoring

Reykjavik and San Francisco (May 7, 2019) — Controlant, the leading independent provider of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) temperature monitoring and automated services for global digital cold chains, announced that is has been named in the IoT Solutions Transform the Cold Chain report (May 2, 2019) by Forrester Research, Inc.

Numerous industries benefit from IoT-enabled cold chain monitoring solutions including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, and cold chain logistics. IoT-enabled technologies help forward-thinking information and operations professionals solve practical approaches and complex processes within the cold chain. Business intelligence provides manufacturers and their supply chain partners with invaluable insights to proactively identify and mitigate supply chain risks, ensure quality and compliance, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce costs.

This report recognizes Controlant and other profiled companies for delivering cold-chain innovations that help manufacturers of temperature-sensitive products address pressing visibility and monitoring issues. End-to-end visibility and monitoring allows infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals to improve safety and increase revenue.

According to Gisli Herjolfsson, Controlant’s co-founder and CEO, “Real-time monitoring systems and devices go beyond storing temperature-sensitive products, maintaining optimal environmental conditions, and reporting critical data. Controlant’s solutions and devices provide real-time visibility and monitoring to identify and resolve problems across processes to reduce waste of perishable goods and to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.”

A system-wide implementation of Controlant’s real-time supply chain visibility and facilities monitoring solutions enables pharmaceutical and food enterprises to achieve regulatory compliance, reduce product and operational waste, and drive transparency and collaboration throughout their supply chain. Herjolfsson claims, “Our pharmaceutical customers have saved millions of dollars within the first year of roll-out due to a decrease in both product and operational waste, including a reduction in the time spent on quality review and root cause analysis.”

Increasing operational efficiencies keeps products moving safely from manufacturing to end use. Operations professionals designing cold-chain systems can deploy Controlant’s solutions to digitally connect time, temperature, and product location data to transform the end-to-end global supply chain. In addition, innovative organizations can deploy next-generation technologies like blockchain to maintain encrypted records of digital transactions throughout the cold chain process.

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Controlant is pioneering the development of next-generation supply chain monitoring and traceability solutions for digitally connected cold chains, delivered as a subscription service. Its fully validated and compliant cloud and IoT solutions provide real-time, end-to-end visibility and risk mitigation across all lanes—air, road, and sea—and through the last-mile. Intelligent data analytics provide enterprises with proactive insights to fuel impactful decision-making and collaboration throughout their entire business ecosystem. More than 200 customers have partnered with Controlant to gain a single source of truth over their global supply chain, ensure quality and compliance, drive operational efficiency and sustainability efforts, and boost profitability and growth. For more information, please visit


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