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Cold chain management   14 Aug 2018

Supply chains are complex and as regulatory demands and the threat of litigation and criminal prosecution increase, businesses are increasingly being held accountable for how they operate their cold chains. Global cold chain losses are growing at an alarming rate, currently totalling over $70 billion in perishable food and pharmaceutical products annually due to supply chain breakdowns. 

Deviations in quality and wastage often occurs because cold chains lack truly real-time visibility over a product’s freshness or condition, enabling the ability to immediately respond to deviations before product loss or quality degradation occurs. Although supply chains have always been complex, increasing demands are driving businesses to innovate, achieve greater agility, and reach global scale.

The need for real-time visibility and control

As businesses move to digitize their supply chain, it’s more important than ever to leverage new data in a way that can work for them. Those using Controlant’s real-time temperature monitoring and location traceability solutions are realizing the benefits that intelligent data can bring to ensure product integrity, proactively prevent waste, and improve overall supply chain performance through automation.

On demand shipment information generates new opportunities to take advantage of that truly real-time data. Along with smart analytics and Big Data comes the added role to sufficiently leverage it. Not only that, but shipments are in progress every day of the week across globally distributed networks, at all times of the day, and critical temperature deviations do not always occur when a qualified specialist is available to respond to them.

Our 24/7 monitoring and response team to the rescue

Here at Controlant, we understand these challenges, and have launched our 24/7 monitoring and response services (MARS) as an optional add-on service to our regular cold chain monitoring solution offerings to address these needs. Our new managed services team serves as an extension to your internal supply chain and quality team, and automates the entire shipment monitoring and response process. Our specialists are available to monitor all shipments, and along with your designated stakeholders, receive quality notifications and alerts 24/7 and 365 days per year, and, if environmental conditions start to deviate from pre-determined boundaries, immediately respond to them to facilitate corrective action.

We’ll work closely as a virtual control tower with your team and your partners at each stage of the shipping process. Our specialists know if your shipment is a sea or air freight, for example, and where it has departed from. This allows them to know exactly which party to contact in order to ensure preventative action is taken in a timely manner.

Proven results

Companies like the U.S.-based restaurant chain Chipotle and top pharmaceutical enterprises are already seeing an immediate return on their investments from adding our around-the-clock service to their all-in-one solution. During the first week of deploying our monitoring and response services, a load of high-value pharmaceutical goods worth approximately 5 million dollars was saved for one of our customers. The goods had been placed within an incorrect area of a warehouse, causing the temperatures to increase. Due to the 24/7 monitoring, the problem was caught just in time by one of our specialists, who reached out to designated stakeholders, and corrective action was taken.

When dealing with temperature-sensitive goods, tens of thousands, or even millions of dollars worth of products can be saved by the immediate response and interception of a single load. In addition, there are indirect cost savings that result from the downstream effects of preventing product loss, which has an impact both on patient and consumer safety as well as brand integrity.

The 24/7 monitoring and response services are available for Controlant customers using our cold chain management, facility monitoring, or vehicle and route monitoring solutions.

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