One vision, one planet

At Controlant, we are driven by our vision of unleashing the power of people and technology to deliver zero-waste supply chains for our partners and the planet.

Sustainability is in everything we do

Through our real-time visibility solution, manufacturing and logistics enterprises reduce global supply chain waste while generating a positive environmental impact.


Total supply chain visibility

Continuous quality and location data from first mile to last

Waste minimization

Less product loss and operational costs through process improvements

Carbon footprint reduction

Rapid response to shipment issues resulting in CO2 savings

Social impact

Provides tangible support for corporate sustainability objectives

Sustainability Progress Report

Sustainability has always been at the heart of everything we do at Controlant. Our core value proposition is to make the world’s supply chains more sustainable, resilient, and integrated. In partnership with many of the world’s biggest companies, we reduce waste in critical and valuable supply chains.

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One global pharmaceutical manufacturer went from 150,000 single-use loggers to 30,000 multi-use loggers within one year—one Mt. Everest worth less of plastic consumption.


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