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Intelligent vehicle and route tracking

Track shipment conditions and assets remotely and in real-time with next generation cold chain as a service (CHaaS) solutions.

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  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical and Life Science
  • Cold Chain Logistics

Automate your shipments

Gain instant visibility over location and environmental conditions remotely from your desktop or mobile. Reduce human error with geofencing and automatic delivery tracking.

Improve your on-time deliveries

Intelligent route monitoring helps you identify points of interest, optimize shipping routes and reduce risk of damage or delay.

Ensure freshness through the last mile

Custom alerts empower you to immediately react to prevent damage and waste, leading to a more profitable outcome.

Controlant solution

How it works

  • Program - Create shipment template to designate route, excursion levels and boundaries, severity, alarms and recipients.
  • Track - Reusable wireless IoT loggers are placed inside a facility, cooler, or space.
  • Store – Data is automatically captured in the cloud, accessible on-demand from your desktop or mobile.
  • Notify - Alerts are sent if deviations occur beyond any pre-established boundaries.
  • Report - Data analytics provide actionable insights to improve business logistics and performance.


Actionable on-demand data

Easily access shipment data via our web-enabled cloud platform for tracking and monitoring conditions along all shipment routes.

Programmable templates

Customize shipment workflows, designate excursion levels, boundaries and alarms, and create project and trial templates with permissioned user access.

Notifications and alerts

Alerts are immediately delivered to the Controlant platform, via email, and SMS if deviations from pre-defined boundaries occur for quick intervention.

Reports and statistics

Group project, shipment, and frequent route data to manage risk.

Quality and compliance

Designed in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11/EU Annex 11.


Integrate the Controlant platform with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), quality management solutions, and other supply chain tools.

Tailored Services

Our integrated approach gives you the expertise needed to quickly setup and operate your supply chain.

Included Services

  • Onboarding and customer success: Hands-on training and troubleshooting.
  • Dedicated support: Professional customer service is a phone call or an email away.
  • Device calibration and quality assurance: IoT logger calibration for precision-blade accuracy and device restoration.
  • Reverse logistics and inventory management: Automated IoT device management to ensure on demand supply.
  • Integration services: Consulting and integration support.

Available Add-on Services

  • Mapping and pre-installation services: Tailored program assessment and IoT device installation.
  • Monitoring and response services: 24/7 excursion monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Quality performance reviews: Periodic trends analyses and troubleshooting.
  • Lane validation: Shipment mapping and route qualification.
  • Premium support: Escalated service level agreements with 24/7 access to professional support.

Who it helps

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Drive executive reporting on excursions, losses, saves, and ROI.

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Business Logistics Historical data empowers enhanced forecasting, operational improvements, and efficiency.

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Quality Assurance Leverage data to monitor product quality, ensure compliance, and prepare for audits.

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Customer Service Use notifications to keep customers apprised of shipment updates in real-time.

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Logistics Partners Share supply chain data with stakeholders to optimize efficiency.

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