Advanced supply chain visibility. Your single source of truth.

Our Cold Chain as a Service® digital visibility solution increases supply chain efficiency and responsiveness while supporting your quality and compliance efforts.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical technology
  • Food & beverage

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Product quality

Ensure the security and integrity of your products during distribution and storage. Automate your compliance and product release efforts.

Real-time visibility

Track & trace product location and quality conditions from first mile to last across air,* road, and sea. Live and predictive insights help you increase your resiliency and responsiveness.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, including GxP, FSMA, and 21 CFR Part 11/EU Annex 11, and internal quality requirements.

Cost reduction

Reduce inefficiencies by automating communications and integrating data and processes across manufacturing, operations, and logistics.

*Approved airlines list available upon request.

Cold Chain as a Service® is threefold


Wireless, reusable Internet of Things (IoT) devices track location and quality data in real-time and automatically send it to the cloud. No gateways or manual USB upload are needed.


Our digital supply chain visibility platform delivers mission-critical analytics and insights. Leverage our REST API’s to integrate your systems, automate data flows, and gain a single source of truth.


Proactive partnership services support validation, facilitate roll-out, respond to escalations, and manage reverse logistics for you.

The supply chain control tower

Integrate your value chain systems, processes, and stakeholders for complete visibility, automation, and control.

Real-time visibility

Integrate your ERP, quality management system, and other business tools with Controlant Gain live location and product quality data in real-time through IoT-enabled data Increase internal and external stakeholder communication and collaboration.

Controlant solution


Descriptive data tells you what has happened in your supply chain Predictive data provides you with ETA’s, demand forecasting, and risk forecasting (inventory, excursions, delays) Prescriptive data provides lane/route recommendations, network optimization, and what-if scenarios.

Controlant solution


Cloud-enabled data can be utilized across the value chain Mobile notifications and alerts pushed to stakeholders 24/7 monitoring and response services facilitate corrective action.

Controlant solution


Business process automation including ordering and demand Logistics process automation for escalations and communications Quality automation through a manage-by-exception process.

Controlant solution

Not just for temperature monitoring

Controlant’s technology provides real-time data and escalates notifications and response based on your custom business rules.

Customs or border issues

Temperature escalations

Shipments arrive at wrong destination

Longer than expected dwell-times and delays

Shipments split up

Suspected damage

Logger failure

Suspected theft

Key benefits


Deployed quickly at scale, delivers supply chain visibility data and greater efficiency.


Harmonizes information streams, making it easier to identify and respond to risk.


Accelerates communication and data sharing across value chain stakeholders.


Evolves the role of supply chain from cost center to strategic revenue generator.


Supports corporate responsibility goals while reducing global supply chain waste.

Savings throughout the enterprise

Companies are saving millions of dollars in product and operational costs every year.



  • No product stockouts
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Less packaging spends


  • 95% fewer investigation hours
  • Automatic product releases
  • Full compliance and safety


  • Decreased risk
  • Reduced premiums
  • Covers costs of program


  • > 70% less product waste
  • Fewer operational costs
  • Sustainability savings

Supply Chain

  • High-level and granular insights
  • KPI's for partner performance
  • Process automation

Build your supply chain resilience with real-time visibility

Real-time visibility is the key to a sustainable future. Contact our team and get started today.

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