Using Real-Time Data to Optimize the Pharma Supply Chain Control Tower

Erlingur Brynjulfsson, Co-Founder and CTO at Controlant, gives his perspective on integrating data and information from multiple sources into one control tower.  

Duration is 25 minutes, including Q&A.

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Due to the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry had to quickly pivot strategies and transform the supply chain to improve resiliency when faced with large and small crises. This revolution was possible thanks in part to supply chain technology that helped automate processes and notifications regarding shippers, carriers, distribution sites, routes, lanes, and more. All of this information can flow into a central control tower that promotes extensive collaboration—both within your organization and with external vendors—and can optimize your procedures and partnerships. The new pharma supply chain control tower provides not only descriptive and shipment data in real-time but also predictive and prescriptive analytics and automation, helping organizations understand what will happen and how to make the best decisions, and streamlining their processes. 

Viewers of this session will take away: 

  • Ways the pandemic transformed the pharmaceutical cold chain and moved it forward exponentially in only a matter of months; 
  • Tactics to create an effective control tower that allows you and your partners to see quality conditions, potential bottlenecks, and impending delays; 
  • Opportunities to capture and optimize data across various organizations and platforms;  
  • How to automate business processes and increase supply chain resiliency and responsiveness using data; 
  • Future opportunities for leverage data and automation to connect all stakeholders, minimize risk, increase efficiencies, and save costs. 

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