Supply Chain Excellence: Mapping Data Utilization to Transform Global Supply Chains

Watch this latest installment of the Supply Chain Excellence series with Pharma Logistics IQ as Ada Palmadottir and Luiz Barberini discuss the future of real-time supply chain monitoring to drive results without compromising on quality.

Duration is 60 minutes, including Q&A.

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Connecting the supply chain through end-to-end real-time monitoring provides critical intelligence to help minimize impact on processes and bring products to market quickly. Mapping out overall risk in the supply chain and determining the most at-risk areas using real-time data collection will empower logistics professionals to take effective measures and execute long-term contingency plans. Unlocking the value of real-time data will also provide pharma companies with a tool to help align efforts across functions including communications, supply chain, and procurement.

During this webinar, presenter Ada Palmadottir, MPharm, MBA, Business Development Director at Controlant, will share best practices to drive supply chain agility through centralized and fully integrated data-centric partnerships, while analyzing digital innovation strategies to enhance your data supply chain, and without compromising quality.

During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • How enterprises can gain control tower visibility and proactive response via real-time temperature monitoring and visibility solutions
  • Supply chain data to support business decisions
  • Benchmarking supply chain data with larger industry data
  • Real-time monitoring and services to enable enterprises to scale visibility across their supply chain, responding to alerts and facilitating corrective action to prevent waste, without the added costs
  • Real-time monitoring to enable quality teams to manage shipments by reducing review time and saving on substantial costs

About the presenters

Ada Palmadottir, MPharm, MBA

Ada Palmadottir is Business Development Director at Controlant. With more than 20 years of experience in pharmacy, management, and technology, Ada has extensive international experience in sales, operations, and marketing, specifically in the areas of product, vertical alliance sales, and partnerships related to pharmaceutical products. She is a licensed and experienced pharmacist and earned a Master of Pharmacy from the University of Iceland and a Master of Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. Email ada@controlant.com

Luiz Barberini

Luiz Barberini has over 25 years’ experience in logistics, supply chain, procurement and demand planning. Barberini is currently working as an External Manufacturing Operations Manager, Latin America at Bayer, in charge of external partners for CHC Division. He has previously worked as a Relationship Associated Director at Merck, Logistics Manager at Takeda/Nycomed Pharma, focusing on demand management, planning and distribution activities, and worked as Pfizer´s Logistic Manager and EFD´s Supply Chain Manager. Barberini is experienced in best practice knowledge on S&OP processes, demand planning process management - pre-S&OP, with Sales, Marketing, Trade Marketing, Industrial Planning and Finance and customized tool design for such processes, and insight on implementing digital process to improve the supply chain.

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