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Ensure patient safety and compliance through real-time cold chain visibility

Partnering to protect and control the end-to-end temperature-controlled Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences supply chain.

Drive efficiency and reduce costs

Achieve greater supply chain agility through a single source of truth and actionable, intelligent insights.

Controlant solution


Cold Chain as a Service is threefold

Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) hardware captures time, temperature, and location data in real time.

An intelligent cloud software platform delivers supply chain insights and predictive analytics on demand.

Our services partnership includes onboarding and support, 24/7 shipment monitoring and response, and IoT asset management.

Controlant cold chain system

Delivering mission-critical solutions

We provide a cost-effective, scalable, and single source of truth to protect products while in transit, during handoff points, and in storage.

Live temperature data
Wireless and remote IoT sensors capture environmental data (temperature, humidity, light) and automatically sends it to the cloud. Data can be accessed on demand.

Product location traceability
Track and trace products as they move through the supply chain to ensure safe, secure delivery. Time, temperature, and location data helps identify root cause for any deviations.

Eliminate data silos
Alleviate reliance on external data dependencies from multiple stakeholders. End-to-end visibility is delivered through our cloud software platform.

Prevent product & operational waste
Leverage real-time alerts and insights to proactively facilitate corrective measures and drive continuous improvement.

Ensure quality & compliance
Maintain temperature control and accurate record keeping in accordance with GxP, 21 CFR Part 11, and FDA requirements. 

Approved for all lanes
Our solution is fully validated and compliant for facilities and across all lanes—air (more than 40 airline approvals), road, and sea.

Focus only on what matters
Data sheds light on problem spots and shipments, facilitates root cause investigations, and enables quality teams to manage by exception.

Build relationshipsLeverage data to service customers and hold partners accountable through improved transparency.

Working through the chain of custody

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New product 
development & Innovation

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Active pharmaceutical
ingredient manufacturing

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Secondary manufacturing

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Direct-to pharmacy, hospitals & clinics

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