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Real-time farm to fork cold chain visibility

Partnering to protect your customers and your brand. On demand solutions and services for digitally connected supply chains. 

Build a smarter temperature-controlled supply chain

Ensure food quality and safety, mitigate risk, and drive operational efficiency and agility through on demand cold chain data and insights.

Controlant solution


Cold Chain as a Service is threefold

Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) data loggers capture time, temperature, and location data in real time.

An intelligent cloud software platform delivers supply chain insights and predictive analytics on demand.

Our services partnership includes onboarding and support, 24/7 shipment monitoring and response, and IoT asset management.

Controlant cold chain system

Real-time temperature monitoring is mission-critical

Industry proven

More than ten years' worth of successes working with the Pharma supply chain, along with major Food brands.

Mitigate risk

Illuminate the blind spots and allocate resources only where needed to mitigate regulatory, operational, and reputational risks.

Prevent waste

Proactively facilitate corrective measures to prevent product degradation and operational waste.

Ensure quality & compliance

Maintain accurate records for internal audits and regulatory compliance (HACCP, FSMA, and FSVP).

Improve supply chain performance

Improve route performance and product shelf life, while reducing waste and time spent on quality review.

Drive accountability

Build bridges across silos by sharing data and leveraging insights to drive continuous improvements and accurate forecasts.

Customer loyalty & satisfaction

Deliver consistent, high-quality, safe products to drive customer satisfaction and brand integrity.

Increase margins & ROI

Reduce direct and indirect costs due to supply chain breakdowns to boost profitability and overall growth.

Working at every step

Our solution travels with products as they move through the supply chain—air, road, and sea.

Harvest, Processing, Transportation, Distribution, Restaurants, Retailers, Supermarkets

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