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Drive food integrity and freshness, from farm-to-fork

Fully connected digital cold chain monitoring and quality notifications, delivered as a subscription service (CHaaS)

Build a safer cold chain, around the world

Ensuring food safety and integrity requires uninterrupted cold chain management and proactive product movement monitoring. Controlant provides an integrated solution that gives real-time visibility to stakeholders across the entire supply chain.

Controlant solution

Improve efficiency, sustainability, and brand loyalty

International restaurants, food retail chains, and their logistics partners are using Controlant to automate processes, improve food quality and ensure a continuous supply

Eliminate data silos

Gain centralized data in a single cloud platform. Dashboards provide real-time notifications and analytics that help drive decisions.

Proactively prevent waste

Real-time data and alerts let you pinpoint exactly where and when a product starts to go out of temperature range.

Reduce delivery time

Leverage analytics and statistics to optimize shipment routes and reduce product delivery time.

Improve traceability

Track shipments and hand-off points throughout the supply chain. Never lose sight of your products.

Ensure compliance

Maintain accurate record keeping for audits and as required by the FDA for HACCP, FSMA, and FSVP compliance.

Build key relationships

Drive customer and partner relationships by sharing relevant data with stakeholders.

Integrate your systems

Leverage our APIs to integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP), quality management systems, and other supply chain tools.

Build a sustainable supply chain

Streamline logistics, gain business agility, and the ability to quickly adapt to change.

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