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Build a smarter cold chain logistics program, around the world

Supply chain temperature monitoring solutions for shipping and logistics businesses handling products at rest and on-the-move, delivered as a service

Real-time, end-to-end visibility for shipping, storage, and last-mile distribution

Ensuring product quality and safeguarding the security of assets in custody requires uninterrupted monitoring throughout the supply chain. Controlant provides a fully integrated solution that gives stakeholders chain-of-custody data to proactively mitigate risk and improve cold chain performance.  

Controlant solution
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Distribution Centers

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Last-Mile Delivery

Drive efficient cold chain operations with cloud and IoT 

Cold chain logistics companies across the globe are using Controlant to improve performance, drive customer service, and reduce the risk of loss, damage, and waste.

Proactively prevent waste
Respond to real-time notifications and alerts to mitigate excursion risk and ensure product quality and safety.

Improve delivery time
Leverage analytics and statistics to optimize routes and reduce product shipment time.

Ensure traceability
Track shipments and hand-off points throughout the supply chain. Never lose sight of products in your custody.

Build key relationships
Drive customer and partner relationships by sharing relevant data with stakeholders.

Ensure safety & compliance
Maintain accurate record-keeping and electronic signatures for audit management, and as required by regulations.

Integrate your systems
Leverage Controlant’s APIs to integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP), quality management systems, and other supply chain solutions.

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