Controlant Announces Participation in Fall Life Sciences Supply Chain Events


The company’s leadership will demonstrate how on demand digital services are automating the entire cold chain.

Reykjavik and San Francisco (September 5, 2018) — Controlant, a leading provider of next generation visibility solutions and services for digitally connected cold chains, today announced its participation in the upcoming LogiPharma US and the Cold Chain Global Forum Life Sciences events, both of which will be held in Philadelphia.

The LogiPharma US event will take place September 5-6th at Hilton Penn’s Landing, and will connect senior global supply chain leaders within the Life Sciences sector to drive best-in-class performance and outcomes. Sessions and discussions will focus on developing a holistic approach to the global supply chain by promoting end-to-end visibility and proven strategies to better serve customers while minimizing costs.

Gisli Herjolfsson, Controlant’s CEO, will give a plenary presentation, “How On-Demand, Digital Services Are Transforming Performance and Automating the Entire Cold Chain” on Thursday, September 6th at 11:35 AM. The session will cover the current challenges pharmaceutical enterprises are facing and how new technology and services are addressing them.

Exhibiting at booth #7 at LogiPharma US, Controlant will demonstrate its portfolio of cold chain solutions that track and report environmental conditions and product movement in real-time to connect supply chains around the world and facilitate proactive intervention and waste prevention.

The Annual Cold Chain Global Forum will take place September 24-27th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and will focus specifically on temperature controlled Life Sciences supply chains. The event will bring together top international pharmaceutical executives and suppliers to address supply chain optimization and strategies and ensure quality and compliance while maintaining temperature controlled products.

Exhibiting at booth #124 at the Cold Chain Global Forum, Controlant will demonstrate the value-add of its control tower services, including 24/7 monitoring and response for leveraging real-time product shipment data and proactively responding to temperature deviations while products are in transit, and automated asset management and servicing for reusable IoT data loggers.

Ada Palmadottir, MBA, MPharm, Business Development Director at Controlant, will lead a 90-minute workshop, “Achieving Cold Chain cost-Reduction While Ensuring Product Quality and Safety and Gaining End-to-End Visibility Through a Single Real-Time Monitoring Solution” on Tuesday, September 25th, starting at 11:00 AM during the Cold Chain Global Forum workshop day. Drawing on specific examples and scenarios, the workshop will cover digital transformation in the cold chain, and demonstrate how to leverage real-time temperature and shipment data to make the most out of cost-saving improvements while meeting compliance and quality requirements.

“By taking active roles in these events, we are able to offer our insights, lessons learned, and recommendations to others in the space, and better understand the needs and concerns of pharmaceutical enterprises, suppliers, and logistics partners,” said Gisli Herjolfsson, Controlant CEO. “We are looking forward to helping others reshape their cold chain strategies and best practices to adapt to the ever-changing demands while reducing costs, ensuring quality and compliance, and implementing customer-centricity to enhance their patient-first initiatives.”

More information on the LogiPharma US event can be found here.

More information on the Cold Chain Global Forum can be found here, and registration for the workshop day can be accessed here.

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