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Controlant adds Chief Services Officer and VP People and Culture to leadership team

News 12 Jul 2018

Controlant co-founder Stefan Karlsson and seasoned customer service executive Vally Helgadottir have joined the company to support its growth.

Combining temperature monitoring and product traceability for FSMA compliance in the food cold chain

Food & beverage 28 Jun 2018

Real-time temperature and product movement monitoring technology helps drive FSMA compliance across the cold chain.

How machine learning will enable a more efficient and effective cold chain

Technology 28 Jun 2018

The future of big data and machine learning will help drive competitive advantages through greater cold chain speed, agility, accuracy, and control.

7 best practices for an agile cold chain

Cold chain management 13 Jun 2018

Long-term temperature controlled success depends on the right level of collaboration, expertise, and technology to mitigate risk and maintain control.

IoT and the future of the food safety supply chain

Food & beverage 13 Jun 2018

IoT is key to real-time visibility and automating outcomes to improve food safety and customer service while reducing waste in the food chain.

Cold chain on a plane: Tracking perishable air freight with cloud and IoT

Cold chain management 06 Jun 2018

In perishable logistics, time is often of the essence, which makes air transport alluring. Cloud and IoT helps shippers and logistics companies seamlessly maintain visibility over cargo.

Gaining a control tower and a single source of truth for your cold chain

Cold chain management 22 May 2018

Control towers are a relatively new concept, but they are already demonstrating their value in helping to solve some of the most vexing challenges facing supply chain managers today.

Why traditional loggers are inadequate for cold chain visibility and scale

Cold chain management 15 May 2018

Status quo cold chain monitoring hardware hasn't empowered businesses to gain visibility and control while driving down costs. Today's smart cold chain does that and more.

Achieving pharmaceutical cold chain synergy in the face of M&A

Pharmaceuticals 30 Apr 2018

Digital transformation is a necessary component for reaching supply chain resilience in a pre or post-M&A environment where rapid consolidation is needed.

The emergence of ocean freight for pharmaceutical supply chain logistics

Pharmaceuticals 03 Apr 2018

Ocean freight provides opportunities for an integrated, end-to-end approach to pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring that empowers stakeholders in an industry that needs greater efficiency and agility.

A blueprint for unleashing digital transformation for a connected cold chain

Cold chain management 27 Mar 2018

Adopting digital innovation, technologies, and processes can make supply chains stronger and more resilient to changing market conditions. Here's how.

When blockchain meets IoT and the food and pharmaceutical cold chains

Technology 23 Mar 2018

There’s a lot of hype surrounding blockchain. There are some obvious benefits for the supply chain. But does it offer real business value?

5 global cold chain predictions for 2018 and beyond

Cold chain management 16 Feb 2018

Complex regulatory environments, as well as a greater demand for accelerated product entry and distribution, are driving major change, as businesses seek to adapt within increasingly competitive markets.

How IoT is shaping big data to transform the cold chain

Technology 10 Feb 2018

The combination of cloud and mobile computing, analytics, and big data — all of which are fuelled by the application of IoT — is unleashing unprecedented opportunities to virtually enable the cold chain.

Introducing the New Controlant: Built for the Next Generation of Cold Chains

News 25 Jan 2018

Controlant today launched a redesigned company brand focused on building the next generation of cold chain monitoring solutions for global supply chains.

Controlant achieves ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification

News 16 Nov 2017

Controlant, a leading provider of cold chain monitoring solutions for the Pharmaceutical- and Food supply chain industries globally...