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COVID-19 action plan: Preparing for the second wave

COVID-19, Cold chain management July 06, 2020

Over the last few months, disruption has become the new normal.

COVID-19 action plan: Distributing clinical trials and vaccines

COVID-19, Cold chain management June 24, 2020

With supply chains stretched and pharmas racing for a vaccine, the safe and effective distribution of these life-saving treatments will literally shape our future.

COVID-19 action plan: Improving your contingency planning

COVID-19, Cold chain management June 16, 2020

Flexible and resilient supply chains will be better positioned to weather future disruptions.

Controlant Named to Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers List for 2020

News June 16, 2020

Food Logistics’ annual Top Green Providers recognizes Controlant as a leader enhancing sustainability within the food and beverage industry.

COVID-19 action plan: Building a resilient supply chain

COVID-19 June 04, 2020

As we shift to the next stage of the pandemic, now is a good time to evaluate whether your technology and processes are working.

COVID-19 action plan: Delivering optimal customer service

COVID-19, Cold chain management June 04, 2020

How will you keep customers apprised while ensuring business continuity in the face of uncertainty?

COVID-19 action plan: Improving cross-functional communication

COVID-19, Cold chain management May 28, 2020

Technology-enabled collaboration can strengthen the supply chain in the post-pandemic era.

Ask the Expert: Real-Time, IoT-Driven Supply Chains Are Driving The Industry Forward

Ask the expert, Pharmaceuticals, News April 28, 2020

The opportunities that Internet of Things (IoT) technologies provide in leading digital transformations throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain aren’t new. In the latest from our Ask the Experts series, Ada Palmadottir, MPharm, MBA, weighs in.

Controlant CEO Gisli Herjolfsson Named to 2020 Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain Award

News March 24, 2020

The Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain recognizes influential individuals in the industry whose achievements, hard work, and vision have shaped and attained milestones in safety, efficiency, productivity and innovation through the global food supply chain.

Ask the Expert: What Can Supply Chains Learn From COVID-19?

Ask the expert March 24, 2020

With COVID-19 continuing its spread around the world, it is critical that businesses take steps to protect their supply chains, employees, and customers. What has been learned so far?

Controlant Named to Fast Company’s 2020 List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

News March 10, 2020

Fast Company's prestigious list honors the global businesses that are making a profound impact on both industry and culture.

Controlant raises $10m USD equivalent in convertible bonds

News March 03, 2020

The recent fundraise will support Controlant's international growth.

Ask the expert: Why should quality managers consider real-time supply chain temperature monitoring?

Ask the expert, Food & beverage February 26, 2020

How can Food Safety and Quality Managers leverage real-time technology to manage their workloads—and their supply chains?

Controlant is Named to FoodTech 500 List

News February 05, 2020

Forward Fooding has included Controlant in its inaugural FoodTech 500, the definitive list of global entrepreneurial talent at the intersection between food, technology, and sustainability.

Ask the expert: Utilizing reusable, real-time technology to reduce supply chain waste

Ask the expert, Pharmaceuticals February 03, 2020

How can pharma manufacturers leverage a real-time temperature monitoring and supply chain visibility solution to measure and reduce their environmental impact throughout the supply chain? In the latest from our Ask the Experts series, Ada Palmadottir, MPharm, MBA, weighs in.

The ROI of real-time visibility

Pharmaceuticals January 25, 2020

Real-time temperature monitoring is delivering an annualized return on investment in the $ millions for pharma enterprises.

Controlant Named to Food Logistics' 2019 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers List

News December 17, 2019

Controlant’s real-time Cold Chain as a Service (ChaaS)(R) supply chain visibility solution recognized for its contributions in creating a more digital, traceable, and safer food system.

Controlant Receives 2019 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Award

News December 11, 2019

Controlant has been recognized for its global supply chain waste reduction and sustainability efforts.

Evaluating Technology in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety

Ask the expert November 27, 2019

The FDA recently launched the "New Era of Smarter Food Safety" initiative to create a more digital, traceable, and safer food system. How should businesses get started with adopting new technology?

Ask the Expert: Leveraging a real-time solution to expedite your packaging and lane validation

Cold chain management, Pharmaceuticals November 12, 2019

How can pharma enterprises leverage a real-time temperature monitoring and supply chain visibility solution for their packaging and lane risk assessments? Our expert and Business Development Director, Ada Palmadottir, MPharm, MBA weighs in.

Controlant Partners With Siemens to Bring Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility to MindSphere Platform

News November 12, 2019

Controlant and Siemens partner through Mindsphere program to accelerate digital transformation in the temperature-controlled supply chain.

Ask the Expert: Preparing for the New Era of Smarter Food Safety

Ask the expert October 21, 2019

The FDA recently launched the "New Era of Smarter Food Safety" initiative to determine how the agency will leverage technology and other tools to create a more digital, traceable, and safer food system. How should businesses think ahead?

The FDA's new food safety dashboard for tracking FSMA progress

Food & beverage October 04, 2019

With the FDA's launch of a new food safety dashboard for tracking FSMA progress, the agency is doubling down on its plans to leverage technology and other tools to create a more digital, transparent, and safer food system.

Controlant Fuels North American Growth Trajectory With Strategic Hires

News October 01, 2019

Sales and Technical Professionals Added to Meet Increasing Demand for Controlant's Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Solution By Major Food Enterprises

Controlant Announces Participation in Fall Life Sciences Supply Chain Events

News September 16, 2019

Controlant's leadership will share best practices and insights on achieving supply chain 4.0 visibility at the LogiPharma US and Cold Chain Global Forum life sciences events.

Leveraging technology in your food safety preventive controls

Food & beverage, Cold chain management, Technology August 22, 2019

Preventive controls are required by law but they are also a good business practice. Supply chain technology is connecting stakeholders, mitigating risk, and driving continuous improvement.

How real-time temperature visibility solutions complement industry track-and-trace technology

Cold chain management, Technology August 16, 2019

Pharmaceutical track-and-trace technology is one piece of the puzzle in maintaining end-to-end product integrity. Real-time temperature visibility completes the picture.

How technology is driving sustainability and climate action within the cold chain

Technology, Cold chain management July 09, 2019

With global warming and more severe weather patterns exacerbating a host of public health threats, technology will play a key role in bringing together key stakeholders across the industry to achieve collaboration and sustainability throughout the global supply chain.

Why the cold chain is moving to the cloud

Technology July 01, 2019

An effective supply chain strategy is essential to your operational efficiency, compliance, customer centricity, and carbon footprint. Here's how cloud solutions are helping enterprises gain full visibility and control.

Controlant Named to Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers List for 2019

News June 18, 2019

Controlant's real-time cold chain visibility solution recognized for leadership in enhancing sustainability in the food & beverage industry.

Controlant Recognized in Forrester Report – IoT Solutions Transform the Cold Chain – as a Company Providing Dynamic Cold Chain Management Solutions

News May 07, 2019

Industries requiring low-temperature control and quality protection rely on real-time end-to-end cold-chain visibility and monitoring.

Controlant Announces Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Solution For Low Temperature-Controlled Environments

News April 09, 2019

New technology delivers on demand visibility for life sciences products requiring low temperature control and quality protection.

How Controlant is ensuring safe vaccine delivery through Africa, in partnership with Global Good

Pharmaceuticals, Cold chain management March 14, 2019

Vaccine waste in remote and developing areas can reach up to 50 percent due to rough environmental conditions and lacking infrastructure. In partnership with Global Good and Dulas, new vaccine refrigeration technologies are helping to ensure safe vaccine delivery and protect public health.

Controlant Expands its Strategic Advisory Board with Three Supply Chain Executives

News March 06, 2019

Controlant will leverage new advisory board members’ expertise to accelerate its global expansion in the U.S. and other major markets.

How to reduce supply chain logistics and cold chain costs through real-time technology

Cold chain management February 27, 2019

With today’s increasingly complex global supply chain, agility is important, as businesses will need to change and adapt fast.

How technology is playing a role in mitigating food supply chain risk

Food & beverage February 20, 2019

The food industry is under significant pressure to regain customer trust, build loyalty, and protect brand integrity. Businesses need to consider how technology will contribute to their risk-mitigation strategy.

Short term pain, long term gain: Achieving control and compliance with complete real-time visibility

Cold chain management, Pharmaceuticals February 13, 2019

The transition to real-time temperature monitoring in the pharmaceutical cold chain is happening. How can supply chain leaders make total visibility work for them to drive improvement and ROI?

How real-time insights are automating the cold chain

Cold chain management January 28, 2019

As supply chains adopt digital transformation and transparency solutions, business will need to think about what data matters most and how to effectively leverage it.

Controlant Named to Food Logistics’ 2018 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers

News December 18, 2018

Controlant's Innovation and Impact Is Recognized by Leading Food Industry Publication

How supply chain digitization and data can help prevent costly recalls

Food & beverage December 05, 2018

Recalls are something that food brands plan for but hope to never experience. An effective cold chain strategy can help prevent significant public safety and economic issues.

Working with your suppliers and partners to achieve pharmaceutical cold chain compliance with real-time monitoring

Pharmaceuticals, Cold chain management November 29, 2018

Whether a CMO, supplier, wholesaler, distribution or logistics partner, it’s imperative for quality and supply chain professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry not only to comply with regulations in their own organization, but ensure they’re working closely with all of their partners to collectively comply with those regulations.

Gaining control over your facility's temperature and why remote, wireless IoT matters

Cold chain management November 15, 2018

While pharmaceutical enterprises, food retailers, and supply chain logistics businesses are struggling to create a holistic IoT perspective, truly connected warehouse and facilities experiences and seamless supply chains are supporting the increasing volume of temperature-controlled products, which will only continue to grow.

Controlant Appoints Former Amazon and Oracle Execs to New Advisory Board

News November 14, 2018

New Advisory Board Members Will Advise the Company on Strategy, International Growth, and Partnering Areas

The ROI of real-time cold chain visibility

Cold chain management November 07, 2018

The ROI from greater supply chain visibility results from a combination of Recurring Savings + Per Disruption Savings. Here's how businesses can benchmark their metrics.

What does an intelligent cold chain look like?

Cold chain management October 17, 2018

Modern supply chains require modern solutions for greater efficiency, risk reduction, and agility. What does an intelligent cold chain look like these days?

Adopting a risk-based, preventive approach to food safety

Food & beverage October 12, 2018

Maintaining cold chain integrity is a critical component to managing risks end-to-end and ensuring quality products for consumers.

Digital supply chain transformation: Overcoming the fear of change

Cold chain management October 10, 2018

Digital transformation in the supply chain is no longer a nice-to-have; it's table stakes. Business leaders are quickly realizing that without an effective transformation strategy in place, they'll be surpassed by their competition.

Building a stronger food safety culture through a digitally connected cold chain

Food & beverage September 12, 2018

Businesses these days need solutions that can help them to identify and manage food quality and drive an effective food safety culture throughout their entire supply chain.

Improving retail margins and building customer loyalty through proactive cold chain monitoring

Food & beverage September 05, 2018

With the rise of online food sales comes new risks for food retailers to consider. Maintaining cold chain visibility to the ensure quality and freshness customers expect is one of them.

Controlant Announces Participation in Fall Life Sciences Supply Chain Events

News September 05, 2018

The company’s leadership will demonstrate how on demand digital services are automating the entire cold chain.

Leveraging IoT solutions for last mile cold chain visibility: Balancing technology and costs

Cold chain management August 29, 2018

Cloud technology, IoT, and smart analytics are key to addressing challenges and improving efficiencies in the last-mile of the cold chain.

Moving beyond your cold chain data to leverage new business opportunities

Food & beverage August 20, 2018

While there are benefits to having access to real-time cold chain data, the lingering question is how to effectively leverage it.

Mitigate risk and gain control over your cold chain with Controlant’s 24/7 monitoring and response services

Cold chain management August 14, 2018

With the availability of truly real-time data shipment and location data, the question is: What to do with it? Our 24/7 monitoring and response services help you leverage it to maintain quality and safety end-to-end.

Controlant adds 24/7 monitoring and response services to its portfolio of cold chain visibility solutions

News August 09, 2018

Services offering provides end-to-end control tower visibility for temperature-sensitive products moving through the global supply chain

How restaurant chains are improving guest loyalty and boosting profitability through a digitally connected cold chain

Food & beverage August 01, 2018

Controlling food costs and waste presents one of the most important aspects to running a profitable restaurant business.

What digital transformation means for the next generation pharmaceutical cold chain

Pharmaceuticals July 25, 2018

Digitalization is transforming many sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, and its implementation in the supply chain is key to achieve synergy while maintaining product quality and safety.

What is true real-time monitoring and why your cold chain needs it

Cold chain management July 16, 2018

There are many temperature loggers on the market today and that claim to offer monitoring in real-time. How can you decipher fact from fiction when choosing the right solution?

Controlant adds Chief Services Officer and VP People and Culture to leadership team

News July 12, 2018

Controlant co-founder Stefan Karlsson and seasoned customer service executive Vally Helgadottir have joined the company to support its growth.

Combining temperature monitoring and product traceability for FSMA compliance in the food supply chain

Food & beverage June 28, 2018

Real-time temperature and product movement monitoring technology helps drive FSMA compliance across the cold chain.

How machine learning will enable a more efficient and effective cold chain

Technology June 28, 2018

The future of big data and machine learning will help drive competitive advantages through greater cold chain speed, agility, accuracy, and control.

IoT and the future of the food safety supply chain

Food & beverage June 13, 2018

Technology is making food safety easier by increasing transparency and collaboration across the supply chain, mitigating risk, ensuring quality, and reducing costs.

7 best practices for an agile cold chain

Cold chain management June 13, 2018

Long-term temperature controlled success depends on the right level of collaboration, expertise, and technology to mitigate risk and maintain control.

Cold chain on a plane: Tracking perishable air freight with cloud and IoT

Cold chain management June 06, 2018

In perishable logistics, time is often of the essence, which makes air transport alluring. Cloud and IoT helps shippers and logistics companies seamlessly maintain visibility over cargo.

Gaining a control tower and a single source of truth for your cold chain

Cold chain management May 22, 2018

Control towers are a relatively new concept, but they are already demonstrating their value in helping to solve some of the most vexing challenges facing supply chain managers today.

Why traditional temperature loggers are inadequate for supply chain visibility, efficiency, and control

Cold chain management May 15, 2018

Traditional temperature monitoring data loggers haven't empowered businesses to mitigate risk, drive continuous improvement, and reduce costs.

Achieving pharmaceutical cold chain synergy in the face of M&A

Pharmaceuticals April 30, 2018

Digital transformation is a necessary component for reaching supply chain resilience in a pre or post-M&A environment where rapid consolidation is needed.

The emergence of ocean freight for pharmaceutical supply chain logistics

Pharmaceuticals April 03, 2018

Ocean freight provides opportunities for an integrated, end-to-end approach to pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring that empowers stakeholders in an industry that needs greater efficiency and agility.

A blueprint for unleashing digital transformation for a connected cold chain

Cold chain management March 27, 2018

Adopting digital innovation, technologies, and processes can make supply chains stronger and more resilient to changing market conditions. Here's how.

When blockchain meets IoT and the food and pharmaceutical cold chains

Technology March 23, 2018

There’s a lot of hype surrounding blockchain. There are some obvious benefits for the supply chain. But does it offer real business value?

5 global cold chain predictions for 2018 and beyond

Cold chain management February 16, 2018

Complex regulatory environments, as well as a greater demand for accelerated product entry and distribution, are driving major change, as businesses seek to adapt within increasingly competitive markets.

How IoT is shaping big data to transform the cold chain

Technology February 10, 2018

The combination of cloud and mobile computing, analytics, and big data — all of which are fuelled by the application of IoT — is unleashing unprecedented opportunities to virtually enable the cold chain.

Introducing the New Controlant: Built for the Next Generation of Cold Chains

News January 25, 2018

Controlant today launched a redesigned company brand focused on building the next generation of cold chain monitoring solutions for global supply chains.

Controlant achieves ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification

News November 16, 2017

Controlant, a leading provider of cold chain monitoring solutions for the Pharmaceutical- and Food supply chain industries globally...