Where can I get Controlant solutions and products?

Contact us by calling our office +354-517-0630 or go straight to a Controlant sales representative and ask for further information.

Why is the Controlant solution so easy to install?

A. The solution is easy to install for both small and large businesses, whether they need to monitor a few or many places. Transceivers just need to be connected to electrical sources, and wireless sensors placed in the requested monitoring locations. All communication in the system happens automatically, which explains the easy setup and enables implementation on a large scale.

Do I need to provide my own SIM card for the system?

No. Controlant provides customers with appropriate SIM cards from local carriers. Service fees for cellular network access are included in our monthly service fees.

Why is Controlant a good choice for companies with distributed operations?

One of the key elements in the design of our services is overview. Our aim is to provide customers with a tool which allows them to gain the necessary oversights, no matter how large and complicated the company setup is.

How can Controlant’s solution help me in fulfilling regulatory requirements?

Controlant offers customers solutions to gather measurements on environmental conditions, such as temperature, on a central database system. Data can be stored for years, depending on each customer’s needs. The solution provides choices for setting warnings to be able to better prevent unnecessary spoilage. Detailed overview reports with thorough analysis of data can be generated automatically, to be stored digitally or printed to paper.