Simplicity and accessibility are the key elements of the Controlant online software platform. Customers have now an easy and safe way to store, access and work with measurements online.

The online web interface - built around our centralized database system – offers customers access to data whenever and wherever they need it. The software solution is very flexible and suits needs from those of the pharmacist who needs to gather regular data on temperature condition of a single medicine cabin to those of the quality manager overseeing tens of businesses with hundreds of sensors.

Benefits of the online platform:

  • Easy access to data online - whenever and wherever you need it
  • Safe storage of data on secure servers
  • Control of warnings and events, ensuring the proper action for each case
  • Automatic pdf reports and online analysis - enabling users to solve quality issues and regulatory requirements in a quick and easy manner
  • Full control of user access, making companies able to choose who sees what information and who gets notified when events and warnings occur