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Monitoring your perishable goods in a stationary environment is now easier and more economic than before.


Controlant offers turn-key solutions to operators and business owners seeking to improve the quality of their products and services. Simple installation and easy-to-use online web interface make the solution a great choice for anyone who needs to:

  • Monitor temperature, e.g. in storage facilities
  • Map environmental conditions
  • Gain oversight of distributed operation
  • Fulfill regulatory requirements.

Some of the features included in the Local Monitoring System are:

  • Storage of data for extended periods of time
  • Printed reports of conditions
  • Traceability records of any incident and actions taken
  • Issue of warnings of abnormal environmental conditions
  • Regular mapping of storage facilities
  • Regular validation of sensors


Great oversight

  • The system suits the small retailer as well as the global distributor
  • The centralized online database and web-interface system ensures that users have all the information - whenever and wherever they need it
  • Users are able to customize access to sensor data and can therefore restrict access of certain sensors to selected employees
  • The unique grouping feature of the system provides the ability to group sensors logically. This gives the user a comprehensive and straight forward overview of complicated and distributed operation procedures, and makes access to information speedy and efficient.

Easy integration
Installation of transceiver requires no specialized skills and can be carried out by any employee.

The Controlant platform is shared and all users benefit from outspread usage of the system.  Users of Controlant’s Cold Chain Monitoring solution already have access to the Local Monitoring infrastructure. This uniform infrastructure makes it easier to monitor goods throughout the entire cold chain.


Warning system
Warnings can be customized individually for each sensor, depending on the time of day, sensitivity and how the user wants each warning to be issued. Multiple recipients can be set to receive warnings by text messages and/or email. All warnings can be viewed and analyzed via the online web interface.

Automatic Reports
Users of the Controlant systems have ability to generate PDF reports upon request in the web interface, or by subscribing to them on a regular basis.

Data Storage
Data is stored on secure servers and can be used to record data to fulfill regulatory requirements.

The local monitoring system is ideal for those who need to map the condition in warehouses, process plants or other condition dependent places on a regular basis. Sensors are placed in the locations of interest and all analysis is left to the centralized system.


  • The monitoring solution is based on transceivers and wireless sensors.
  • Setup is easy and can be completed by connecting the transceiver to an electrical source and placing sensors at the locations to measure.
  • The information is accessible through a web interface, for viewing, analyzing and setting or adjusting alarms.
  • The solution is suitable for all locations where the monitoring of temperature and humidity is important.
  • The simple setup and centralized database make the solution very effective: it doesn´t matter if you have a single sensor, or hundreds.