Controlant offers an innovative way of monitoring goods during transport. Distributors of perishable goods can monitor all shipments through a single web interface. Uncertainty of condition throughout the cold chain, from production to consumer, is reduced.

Automatic operation

The system can be integrated entirely to supply management systems, thus requiring little additional effort from busy employees. Real-time information, events and warnings are presented to the user where the sensor has access to a Controlant transceiver. Logged information is automatically uploaded at the destination to a centralized database for analysis and processing.

Easy integration

The system can easily be adjusted to fit different needs of customers, to ensure minimum effect on well-established packaging procedures and routines. Installation of the transceiver requires no specialized skills. The Controlant platform is shared, meaning that all users benefit from outspread usage of the system. This uniform infrastructure makes it easier to monitor goods throughout the cold chain.


Sensors are placed in your shipments to log information, which is then transmitted to a centralized database through transceivers at selected locations. During shipment, the solution can provide real-time information through a transceiver installed in different parts of the chain, from vehicles to distribution centers. When the wireless sensors are not connected to a transceiver, they log information to memory.

The system keeps track of information from each shipment and notifies users when goods have gone outside specified limits. A customizable dashboard shows the most important information relating to shipments at a given time.