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Erlingur Brynjúlfsson
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The Controlant centralized wireless sensor network provides an easy and cost effective way to monitor assets and environment. The system has a single infrastructure - whether it is used for local, cold chain or vehicle monitoring.


The database and web-interface system offers customers and users of the Controlant infrastructure an easy and effective tool with which to view, analyze and work with data. The data can be accessed online where- and whenever through the web interface. Managers can view data to estimate environmental variables of interest as well as set multiple warning levels to individual measurements. Warnings are shown in the interface, but can also be received via e-mail and text messages.


The infrastructure, designed by Controlant, offers companies with one local or multiple distributed operating sites to gather together valuable information in a single database and web interface system in an easy and flexible manner. Safety of data is our main concern. Data is backed up every 24 hours in multiple locations – where every backup is kept for one month.