Whether you’re monitoring refrigerator, warehouse, production site, pharmacy or similar facilities, the Controlant solution is suitable. 

With our solution, you get a complete overview of your pharmaceuticals. The easy installation and warning features of Controlant solutions are what make our system a leading product.

You can:

  • Go online and check the status of your pharmaceuticals
  • Simple setup and centralized database
  • Set multiple warnings and get real-time information
  • Customize warnings individually for each sensor
  • View warnings and analyze using the online web interface
  • Multiple recipients can be specified to receive warnings by text message or email
  • Create your reports in the web interface, and have them sent to you automatically
  • Keep traceability record of any incident and action taken

The simple setup and centralized database makes this solution very effective: it does not matter if you only have a single sensor, or hundreds, as the set up procedure is always the same and will provide the overview you need.  

In local monitoring, warnings and real time information are important. The warning features in the Controlant solution are advanced, increasing the quality of monitoring pharmaceuticals. Multiple warnings can be customized individually for each sensor, depending on the time of day, sensitivity and how the user wants each warning to be issued. Multiple recipients can be specified to receive warnings by text message  and/or email. All warnings can be viewed and analyzed in the online web interface.

One of the biggest advantages of the Controlant monitoring solution is the ability to create bespoke reports in the web interface, or simply set them to be sent to you automatically on a regular basis.