The Controlant solution is suitable for all companies transporting perishable goods. Implementing the solution in a vehicle is simple – all you need is a transceiver within the vehicle and the requested number of sensors.

Alternatively, you can use a simpler version where a logger is installed in the vehicle. When the vehicle reaches its destination, the logger transmits all data to the central unit automatically.

  • Multiple recipients can be specified to receive warnings by text message and/or email
  • Create your reports in the web interface, and have them sent to you automatically
  • Get real time information on temperature and humidity within your vehicles
  • Being the first to know if something goes wrong
  • Be sure to deliver only top quality products to your customers

Furthermore, an important feature of the warning system is the ability to set alarms to be different depending on the time of day.  You can preset your alarms to be turned off while the vehicle is not in transport.