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Erlingur Brynjúlfsson
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Keeping food fresh is an essential task, but it can be difficult to achieve. By using Controlant monitoring solutions this is made easier.

Controlant solutions are simple, effective and easy to understand

  • Monitor your assets and view the data using central monitoring system
  • Using wireless secure solutions, installation is made easy
  • Go online and track the temperature of your goods
  • Print out reports for internal quality or for regulatory compliance
  • Set alarms: if something goes wrong, be the first to know

Our solutions improve quality through the entire cold chain. The system is fully compliant and an ideal choice for companies who want to improve quality control and fulfill quality requirements, such as HACCP.

Some fields of use

  • Food process facilities
  • Fisheries
  • Farming
  • Warehouse
  • Transport
  • Industry kitchens
  • Restaurants