Board of Directors

Eggert Claessen

Eggert holds a PhD degree in business administration from Brunel University-Henley Management College. He is the CEO of the Frumtak investment fund and has gained substantial experience in international business. He was the co-founder and CEO of Tolvumidlun 1990-2006, CFO of eMR 2000-2002, Chairman of GoPro since 2003. Eggert is the chairman of Controlant´s board as of June 2014.

Trausti Thormundsson

Board member and Co-Founder of Controlant
Trausti holds a MSc degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University, California. He has worked over 12 years in the semiconductor industry in the field of digital communication and audio/voice processing, gaining a significant experience in research and development, project management and customer support in the semiconductor field. Trausti has authored and co-authored more than ten pending patents in the field of digital signal processing.

Bessi Gislason

Board Member
Bessi holds a M. Sc degree in Pharmacy. He was the founder of the pharmaceutical distributer and pharmacy Lyfjaver. His experience gives him a great sense of the business requirements and demands.

Stefan Karlsson

COO and Co-Founder of Controlant
Stefan holds a BSc degree in business and has attained experience in operating various businesses for the past decade. Recently he has operated as the CFO, and later the CEO, of one of Iceland largest sports clubs, Valur FC.

Erlingur Brynjulfsson

CTO and Co-Founder of Controlant
Erlingur has an MSc degree in electrical engineering from the University of Iceland. He is one of the founders of Controlant and has worked on the design and implementation of products and services since the beginning, relating to customers and partners.