The Directorate of Health is a government agency headed by the Medical Director of Health.

Frost is a leading refrigeration service company in Iceland.

ÍAV is a leading company in all fields of construction, in design and development as well as the actual building process of a wide variety of building projects.

The independent Danish-owned logistics provider 3D Logistik, based in the south of Jutland, is focused on fast, secure, flexible and varied transport solutions.

Nomeco is Denmark´s largest pharmaceutical wholesaler and an international competency center for the pharmaceutical industry.

EFLA consulting engineers is a company based in Iceland with widespread international activities in engineering consultancy and research.

Stavanger Forum is one of Norway's few conference and exhibition centres, able to offer 25 meeting rooms with capacities from 10 to 1.707 people and roughly 15 000 square metres of stand space.

Iceland Post distribution network reaches 99,5% of all homes and businesses.

Lyfja is a leading chain of pharmacies in the Icelandic market with close to 40 stores spread over the country. 

Iceland Seafood International is a worldwide sales and marketing company founded in 1932. They specialize in quality seafood products harvested from sustainable sources in Iceland.

Iceconsult has developed comprehensive software solutions for Facility Management. Their system, MainManager, is now being used in thousands of buildings in Iceland, Denmark and U.K.

Jónar Transport offers a one-stop, comprehensive range of services and solutions for companies transporting goods to and from Iceland.

The Reykjabuid poultry manufacturer manages many locations, where each facility needs to receive full attention - 24 hours a day.

Frumherji is the largest provider of energy consumption sensors in Iceland.

Parlogis is one of the leading Logistic Service Provider for the Icelandic healthcare and research sector and offers daily distribution to customers.

Ferskar Kjötvörur is meat production company that has serveral well known brands on the market. Quality and freshness is their priority.

Distica is a leading distributor in the Icelandic pharmaceutical market, with over 5 decades of experience in serving pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals and other healthcare institutions. 

Chill-On was a joint collaboration project between multiple European companies, universities and institutes.

The single largest pharmacy in Iceland deployed Controlant´s solution in 2010.

Vínbúðin, the State Alcohol and Tobacco company of Iceland, is a monopoly in sales of alcohol in Iceland and runs 47 stores spread around the country.

Super Køl was founded in 1980 and is currently one of Denmark´s largest refrigeration contractors with commercial refrigeration. Their subsidiary AK-Centralen furthermore offers monitoring services for over 1.500 installations in Danish supermarkets.